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Check out this post from our Chubb Enduro Outreach Leader (and overall gravity assassin) Josh Zelasko

"I wanted to reach out and see who is available to help out with the Chubb Enduro On March 14th?

Racing starts at 9am!

Sounds like the need is help set up for lunch (10am) and tearing down the event around 3pm. My plan is to get there early (7am) and set the tent up and be ready to help out wherever is needed.

Still waiting to find out if there is a need for us provide coffee, water or snacks to hand out from the tent. I will keep you posted.

This is a big event for STL in what looks to be a huge year for STL mountain bike community with all the work going into growing the sport in the region. This event has drawn people from out of state and will be a great opportunity for us. It will provide an opportunity to share Jesus and bring more awareness to our team.

With the opening of the Eureka Mountain bike park later this year I am hoping to be hosting a few events there this year and this will be great kick off to building relationships and sharing Jesus.

My goals for the event.

-share Jesus

-build relationships

-provide support to the event

-provide support to the event

-promote the Christian Cycing team

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you,

Josh Zelasko"

(email [email protected] if you can help!)

Jonathan Schmidt