What is a Spoke?

The ChristianCycling® Bylaws [updated 2014] define a Spoke as: a “Fellowship of Ministry” represented by a locally organized group of Christians and dedicated members shall be known as a Spoke. A Spoke may be organized in a state, a part of a state, or in any geographic region or community with sufficient members.

Why Start a Spoke?

A Spoke has tremendous advantages in that the members can more effectively participate in ministry and evangelism working as a team, and the support and fellowship of Christian cyclists united in purpose is a wonderful blessing.

We experience strength in numbers: locally, nationally and worldwide. With more ChristianCycling® members involved together, our impact is greater.

What does it take to start a Spoke?

First, a motivated leader to go through the process of becoming an official Spoke Director of ChristianCycling.

  1. Fill out the online Spoke Director Application or download the .pdf form here:  Spoke Director Application
  2. Sign the Statement of Faith
  3. Obtain a Pastoral letter of Recommendation
  4. Forward all three to [email protected]

Second, one or more additional motivated leaders, who share a passion for Christ and cycling, and are committed to growing the Spoke. Matthew 18:20 states: “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them”. If God is present with two or three believers we believe that is a good foundation for starting a Spoke.

A Spoke shall have the following:

Leadership Team: The Spoke Director is the de facto leader of each Spoke. The leadership team of each individual Spoke will likely vary but positions to consider are an Assistant Spoke Director, Treasurer, Secretary, ride organizers, communications, project leads, and other core leaders.

Ministry Plan: ChristianCycling® is a ministry, seeking to impact the kingdom of Christ. A local Spoke serves as a great place for Christian fellowship and camaraderie, and we want to be intentional in our mission to Unite (fellowship with Christian cyclists) and Light (outreach to cycling community). Each local Spoke should develop a ministry plan that outlines its plan to foster Christian fellowship, spread the Good News and minister to the greater cycling community in their geographic location. The ChristianCycling® Ministry Guide includes examples other Spokes have used, but your ministry plan likely may be unique to your area.

Communications Plan: The most successful Spokes succeed because of effective planning and communication with its local members. In addition to emailing and text messaging, other popular communications channels used by current Spokes include Facebook, Meetup.com pages, regular newsletters, phone chains and other social media platforms.

Leadership Transition Plan: Through the years, ChristianCycling® learned that Spokes with the greatest longevity and growth employed plans to transition new leaders, especially Spoke Directors. A Spoke needs a plan for installing new leadership, and a regular rotation as the directorship, like a term limit, can stave off burnout and promote healthy growth and new ideas in a Spoke. Each new Spoke should submit a leadership transition plan as part of its spoke director application.

Who Can Lead a Spoke?

  • A person who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • A person who is committed/involved with a local church
  • A person who has a passion for cycling (recreational, racing, road, mountain, trail, cross, etc.)
  • A member who is in good standing with ChristianCycling®
  • Agrees with, and has signed, our statement of Faith
  • Has completed the Spoke Director Application
  • Has submitted a pastor letter of recommendation

The ChristianCycling® Executive Board believes a firm foundation is the key to staying power of Spokes. The board reviews all Spoke Director Applications and makes the final decision on the applicant. The applicant will be notified of further questions and/or the decision.