What is the function of the National Board and Who does What?

The function of the National Board is to provide direction (vision), leadership, structure, unification and support for all the Spokes and members of the ministry.

Obviously the fulfillment of these functions takes on may different forms, from managing memberships, answering emails, posting newsletters and other Social Media outlets, maintaining the website, managing sponsors, organizing team clothing, networking with Spoke Directors, managing financials and PRAYER.

All of these efforts are performed by your National Board members who volunteer their time and talents in service to you, this ministry and ultimately to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this announcement is to introduce you to each Board member and the specific roles that each fulfills so that you will know who to contact directly if you have a question, concern, suggestion or comment to share. The ChristianCycling.org email address for each Board member will be provided next to their name, but if you are ever unsure of who to contact, just use [email protected]tiancycling.org and your email will be delivered to all of us.

Bill Menchak -President | Missouri 
Email: [email protected]

Role: As the longest serving member on the Board, Bill's primary role is to provide leadership and guidance for the rest of the board. He leads and directs all of the monthly National Board meetings. As the defacto figurehead and point of contact for the ministry, he also serves by answering many emailed questions, welcoming new members and directing issues and various tasks to the designated Board member.

Josh Taylor - Treasurer | Nebraska
Email: [email protected]

Role: Having served previously on the National Board for several years, God has called Josh back to again use his financial talents and experience to serve as our Treasurer. This role not only includes the managing of the ministry's finances and compliance with Federal tax rules and regulations for non-profit organizations, but also the oversight of member dues. If you ever have a question or issue with the payment of your dues, Josh is your man.

Tom Collins - Co-Treasurer | Arizona
Email: [email protected]

Role: Tom holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Finance and graduated with a Master’s in Accounting from Grand Canyon University. During his years as an accountant, Tom has worked in public accounting, corporate accounting and nonprofit accounting. Tom is an avid competitive cyclist. He can be found most weekends bike rides with his wife and/or teammates from his race team, Christian Cycling Tucson. Tom’s professional service/community involvements include: Founder/Director of COAH (local nonprofit with missional focus in downtown Tucson) Founder/Director of 191 Toole (2012-2015) Former Board Member, Tucson Refugee Ministry

David Bailey | Connecticut
Email: [email protected]

Role: David serves mostly in technical and graphic support roles. This includes oversight of the website, member database management, Email broadcasts, G-Suite administration, marketing materials, and the unenviable task of clothing design, production oversight and team store management. He also happens to be the Connecticut Spoke Director.

Bruce Beyerly | Colorado 
Email: [email protected]

Role: Bruce is serving the ministry by using his communication skills and love for people in the capacity of Social Media Director. He is responsible for utilizing all aspects of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to get the message and mission of ChristianCycling out to all of you and our cycling mission field. So if you have any ideas, testimonies, devotionals, prayer or praise reports, please forward them to Bruce so that they can be shared with all.

Jon Schmidt | Missouri
Email: [email protected]

Role: Jon serves as the Spoke Director liaison. This vital role seeks to maintain open lines of regular communication with each of the Spoke Directors. The focus of this communication is to first listen to their needs and suggestions and then bring those issues to the attention of the Board so that we can develop an plan to meet those needs. Jon also organizes and leads the bi-monthly Spoke Director Round Table video conference calls where all the Spoke Directors share updates and ideas in a collaborative networking forum. He understands firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a Spoke Director because he too is a Spoke Director for Missouri.