By Jonathan Schmidt
Monday, August 31, 2020

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The current "Rolling" Custom Team Store order closes today Monday, 8/31/20 at 11:59 PM PST
The next one opens tomorrow for 2 weeks.

A "Rolling Store" means that when one store closes, another one opens the next day and remains open for the next two weeks. If the minimum of any 5 articles from any number of members is not reached by the Cut Off deadline, whatever was left in that store will be automatically moved to the next store opening unless you send an email request to [email protected] to cancel your order.

To order from the standard "Orange Kit" store, click on this link:

Orange Kits

To order from the White Jersey store, click on this link:

White Jerseys

These orders will ship 10/9/20
(unless the 5 piece minimum for each store is not met as explained above)

Remember, if you just need a basic orange jersey and/or shorts quickly (ships in 7-10 days) and are willing to pay a 20% up-charge for the faster service, then click on this link: ChristianCycling POD Store for the "Produce On Demand" store.
(*Important note: This option only offers the Peloton Club and Race cut Jersey & Peloton Bib Shorts.)
Click on this link for information about Voler Sizing

What's New in the Store this year?

A New MTB/Enduro line

TRI Lineup

Check out the ChristianCycling branded gaiter that doubles as a COVID mask!

Jonathan Schmidt