By Timothy Giltinan
Sunday, May 16, 2021

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We've got two big rides scheduled for the months of June and July.  In June, we're planning an 80 mile round trip on the North Central railroad trail.  Normally we're a group of road riders, but that day we'll be on 80 miles of hard packed dirt and stone.  80 miles of dirt trail is as exhausting as 100 miles on asphalt.  The trail starts in Hunt Valley, MD and goes north to York, PA.  Up in York every Saturday is an indoor farmers market.  You can find all kinds of sandwiches, coffee, desserts, etc.  Biker food!  It's tough but the gang loves this ride.

On July 3rd, we're riding into downtown Baltimore, MD for our Independance day ride.  We ride the streets of Baltimore to Fort McHenry where the Star Spangled banner was written.  We leave the fort and ride to Fells Point for some local food.  (If you haven't gotten the idea, we're kind of a foodie group).  Petango is the haunt that serves excellent sandwiches, sodas and coffee.  Riding into Baltimore is always a bucket list item for many riders and we tend to draw a large group.  Two years ago we had 16 riders.

Timothy Giltinan